name: [redacted], known as 'askew'
pronouns: he/him
gender: no
sexuality: yes
age: until this website breaks
religious affliation: the black hole at the centre of everything
sign: STOP

"Self-irony is a common stylistic device found on personal home pages. While Rubio (1996) rejects this practice from a Marxist standpoint as postmodern vanity, Killoran (2000) discovers subversive potential in parodying the methods of self-marketing on the commercialized WWW."

Welcome to my website. Hi, thanks for visiting.

My name is Askew. I think. I've been a lot of people in a lot of places -- kind of untethered from time and space, it's whatever. Bored of the material plane, I sought the digital life, and now I'm stuck.

Trapped such as I am, and eager for enrichment, I feverishly taught myself HTML over the span of a couple days, and am now on a mission to make this my hub. What a wonderful concept to have your own little corner of the interent. Expect writing, graphical artwork, and adventures through the limits of all 7 dimensions.

Maybe trapped is the wrong word. Call it a retirement.

Well, I don't need it any more!


This page is really so very under construction. Sorry if it changes often! Poke around my code; cry out in in disgust at what you see.

site updates:

19/08/22 : cheeky month long break wah oh. random bg generator added + minor fixes

19/07/22 : new blog post. new 404 page. hashtag lol.

17/07/22 : rearranged where everything is linked, added directory!

14/07/22 : refreshed appearance, added writing section!

12/07/22 : added about section!

11/07/22 : added pin section, constantly making minor changes to site appearance lol

10/07/22 : added scrapbook section, updates to appearance

10/07/22 : b i r t h


  • cd rack, tunes 4 you
  • the past. the future.

longer term:

  • making site responsive
  • research screen reader compatability?